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Even though people check their emails every day, many businesses fail to keep in touch with their audience.

Especially in times like these when things get hectic, it's easy to forget nurturing the signups you've worked so hard to get.

If you don’t email your list on a regular basis and apply strategies for cart abandonment, upsells and cross-sells - you’re leaving serious money on the table.

Planning, copywriting, scheduling and automating email promotions, sequences & newsletters requires time and commitment on a regular basis.

It also demands in-depth expertise of how to effectively use email to bring more sales, client loyalty & traffic.

Let’s take email copywriting as an example. We save you serious amounts of time, energy & money dedicated to:

  • Searching
  • Vetting
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Managing copywriters

BUT... is it worth it?

Customer acquisition costs get increasingly higher with paid traffic. Search engines are more competitive than ever, organic social media reach is declining... while email open rates are famously keeping steady at 17% - 30%.

This is your opportunity to stay top of mind with your audience, boost sales and increase retention. With EmailComposed, you get it on autopilot.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Brian Baum, Cannovia CBD:
“34% of our revenue is attributed to EmailComposed. You guys know email marketing, inside and out!”

Jack Cooney, SkyLit Commerce: “We felt excited - we got our investment back in the first week. Because these are evergreen flows, anything from now is pretty much pure profit.”

Sarah Haran Accessories: Our revenue increased by 57%. Their emails hit the nail on its head with our brand voice - we had customers tell us: "what a great email!"

Amanda Cook, - "Because I wasn't emailing my list consistently, I was losing money and not keeping in touch with my audience. EmailComposed managed the whole project, totally got my voice... and I’m really happy with the results!”

How Can We Help You?

Your email list is a goldmine. Unleash its potential:

Done-For-You Newsletter

Engage & convert your audience with attention-grabbing content

  • 4 weekly newsletters per month
  • Regular super engaging content that helps:
  • Build real, strong, long-lasting relationship with your audience so you stand out
  • Offer promotions and keep your audience excited
  • Nurture your list and retain clients
  • Drive traffic back to your social media and website
  • Full quality control process
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - unlimited revisions
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Kick Ass Email Sequence

Storytelling / Soap Opera / Sales / Webinars, etc.

  • Email sequences for funnels and other automations
  • Promotional emails: seasonal offers, flash sales, affiliates, etc.
  • Revision of an existing sequence
  • Split test / optimization versions for existing sequences
  • Brand DNA Extraction process
  • Included: subject line variations for split tests
  • Full quality control process
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - unlimited revisions
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Full-Service eCommerce Email Marketing

For eCommerce stores & brands using Klaviyo (including setup and migration from Mailchimp)

  • All Klaviyo setups - flows, integrations, scheduling
  • All copywriting
  • All graphics (or adapting your own graphics)
  • Campaign subject line split testing
  • List cleaning
  • Proof-reading
  • Spam testing
  • Weekly reporting
  • Monthly campaign calendar
  • Flow optimization and updates
  • Monthly account review video
  • Migration Mailchimp -> Klaviyo
  • Access to our team of eCom email marketing ninjas!
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Want to know how we can help grow your business?
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How long does it take until I see revenue coming from email?

In most cases, you can expect an increase in revenue within the first month of us working together. Most clients cover their investment in email, within that first 1-2 months (depending on the sales volume).

Which industries and niches do you specialize in?

We have on our team different copywriters specializing in different industries and subject matters, so we can match you with the perfect fit.
Whether it's e-commerce, online programs, coaching or consulting... we've got you covered!
When it comes to eCommerce stores, we’ve worked with fashion brands, outdoor gear, CBD, car accessories and more. Schedule a consultation call here to see how we could help you.

How do you ensure the content is top quality?

Our copywriters are native English speakers (UK, US and Canada). We only let copywriters produce work for our customers if they have proven to us they can create high-quality content and deeply understand conversion copy, direct response marketing and brand voice. Our hiring process is rigorous, and we hire less than 1% of all copywriters who apply to work with us. All of the content we deliver passes through an experienced editor for quality assurance as well as ensuring that it is 100% error-free and written in your voice.

Can you really ghost-write in my brand's voice?

To ensure that we can get into your shoes and write in your voice, we have developed a rigorous process of extracting your brand's Voice DNA. We will match you with a copywriter who understands your industry, research your existing content / products and then ask highly focused questions using our Brand Voice DNA Extraction protocols. Then when you get the first drafts, we integrate any feedback you have into the process so that in the future we’ll be able to deliver spot-on & right off the bat.

Do you come up with ideas on what to write about in emails and newsletters?

We can certainly do that! If you prefer a hands-off approach to email content, we will research your brand, niche and competitors to generate email content ideas. Having said that, in many cases you’ll get optimal results when the topic ideas come from you and your team. This is because nobody knows your customers better than you.

About Us

Are you struggling to see your email list turn into real profits? Emailing your list on a regular basis?

How about turning your subscribers into devoted fans and brand ambassadors?

I've been there too.

Throughout 10 years of managing my own businesses, one of my main profit drivers was (and still is) email marketing.

But I struggled for years to find, hire and manage copywriters and graphic designers.

I've also had to put up with long lead times and increasing costs when working with those who are at the top of their game.


Daniel Peleg

Founder, EmailComposed

I also became painfully aware of the distinction between a 'copywriter' and an 'email copywriter'.

You wouldn't go to an orthopedic doctor to treat an issue with your eye.

A lot of business owners make that very mistake hiring a generalist copywriter (or a generalist marketing agency) and then expecting them to perform equally well whether it's ad copy, a landing page, video script or email copy... 

This also applies to graphic designers and other team members. Email marketing is a whole different game that requires highly specialized knowledge and processes.

Fast forward to today, I'm proud to put my team of email marketing ninjas at your disposal, so you don't have to go through the hassles I've been to and you can enjoy serious results from your list.

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Want to know how we can help grow your business?
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